Rocken und Poppen

Rocken und Poppen mit DJ Moana BauerRocken und Poppen aus der Sendereihe Plattenbau sendet alle zwei Monate bei Radio LORA München, und zwar jeden vierten Mittwoch in ungeraden Monaten von kurz nach 22 Uhr bis Mitternacht.  Verantwortliche DJane ist Moana Bauer.

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  1. Dear Philippe
    I am Shemi, a musician from Israel. Greetings 🙂
    There is a single of mine that is very dear to me and I would like to bring it to your ears.
    It’s an acoustic work of mine called The Wandering. It would be gladdening if you told me where to send it to.
    I was hoping you be willing to give it a listen and see if you find the song appealing .
    I will gladly send you a communique about the song and me if you wish.The Wandering is being played in a few small stations across the UK lately.
    I already got more than 500 good comments about the song in youtube as well :
    Thank you for your time and attention !


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